An excellent and inexpensive way to add to your glass collection! The variety pack will include Spectrum & Wissmach opals, color mixes, clears, cathedrals, textures, wispies, and more. THIS IS NOT FUSIBLE GLASS. Each piece measures approx. 4" x 6". A couple of pieces may measure a little larger or a little smaller. Glass is 3mm thick. PLEASE READ! Actual glass received will differ from the glass in pic. The colors/textures will depend on what I have at the moment but I try to make a nice mix so you can have variety. Each set will vary. No duplicates in a set but if you order more than one set, you will receive duplicates. Sheets are hand-cut and can vary up to 1/8", so there is no guarantee that sheets will be the exact dimensions listed, the grain runs the same way or that edges will be perfectly straight. Since they are hand-cut please expect a corner or side chip every now and then.

Product Features

  • SPECTRUM & WISSMACH Stained Glass 3mm (4" x 6") Opals Cathedrals Texture 20 Sheets NOT FUSIBLE
  • The variety pack could include opals, iridescent, clears, cathedrals, textures, baroque, wispies, and more
  • An excellent and inexpensive way to add to your glass collection! You will get a variety of colored and clear patterns and textures of Spectrum glass.

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