FOR INDOOR GILDING ONLY!<br>A clear water-based gilding adhesive (size) formulated for all interior leaf and vertical exterior work where extended tack time is required, does not contain any oils and, therefore, is an excellent gilding adhesive that will not stain papers or other absorbent materials that would normally stain with oil type sizes, may be utilized as an adhesive for other decorative mediums such as glass, glass beads, glitters and pearlescent micas, also be used where a two-part conversion protective coating is applied in order to prevent the "lifting" that may occur when an oil or solvent-based size is employed. Any vertical surface that does not permit water accumulation is a viable end use. In addition, emission safe with no fire hazard and minimal toxicity, affords excellent flexibility and an extended tack time for surface gilding applications. It develops tack in 15 to 20 minutes under normal conditions. The tack will generally hold between 36 and 48 hours. It should be noted that tack times are subjective to the user's preferences and are approximate depending upon ambient temperature and humidity.DO NOT SHAKE BOTTLE YOU WILL CRATE BUBBLES ONLY STIR AQUA SIZE!<br>WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!!!! Keep away from FREEZING!!! Keep container closed after used. IMPORTANT! use respiratory protection, eye protection and protect clothing. Use with adequate ventilation<br>We ship USPS.This is done for your convenience, as it allows for tracking packages, seeing where the package is at any point and when it is expected to arrive to you. An average transit time is 4 days; however, we do not guarantee it, as it is beyond our control and varies depending on your location. Feel free to message us.

Product Features

  • Size: 32 oz.
  • Coverage: 100 sqf.
  • Water-Based / Gilding Glue

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Our Score: 43

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