<b>"Light up your world!"<br><br> Scratch Night View </b>- Scratch Drawing for Adults <br> Inspired by scratch-board art, we created drawings to be scratched off to reveal another form of view. <br> In this case, a glowing night view. <br> <br> Each Scratch Night View features a foil layer of hand-drawn sketches <br> which can be scratched off to reveal a new level of color underneath. <br> Scratch off to light up windows, buildings and streets. You don't have to trace off all lines. <br> You can also add extra lights, clouds, water reflections on black backgrounds. <br> Unleash your imagination, create your own glowing city view. <br> <br> <b>How To Do</b> <br> 1. Trace gray lines using the wooden stylus. <br> 2. The lines turn gold. <br> 3. You can complete your own golden Night View. <br> <br> <b>With Scratch Night View, you can :</b> <br> - Relive your favorite travel memories by drawing an entire city view. <br> - Preserve memories of beautiful night views without struggling with camera. <br> - Give one-of-a-kind gift for travelers, explorers and home decor lovers. <br> - Enjoy de-stressing art therapy. No need to stress about your lack of talent. <br> <br> <b>Contents</b> <br> 1 Scratch Drawing Board <br> 1 Scratch Blank Board <br> 1 white plastic scratch stick (*Scratch Pen shown in the picture is sold separately) <br> <br> <b>Available Type</b> <br> New York / Las Vegas / London / Paris / Hong Kong / Florence / Hamburg / Budapest / Seoul / Cologne / Berlin / Singapore / Paris (Landscape)

Product Features

  • Sold by the manufacturer, Lago Design Inc.
  • Scratch off to create world famous city night view
  • Gray lines makes easy for everyone to trace the illustration
  • Includes Scratch Night View board, Blank board and Scratch stick
  • Dimensions: 16" x 11"

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Our Score: 25

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